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The Dyke's End at Reach

The Dyke’s End at Reach lies at the northern tip of the Devil’s Dyke, a remarkable defensive earthworks of anglo of Saxon engineering which marked the border between East Anglia and Mercia.  Some seven miles long, it is a popular walk and hikers and ramblers in need of refreshment invariably find their way to the pub after experiencing the chalkland beauty of the Dyke.

Originally called the Dyke's End and subsequently the King’s, the pub reclaimed its memorable name in 1999 when the village bought the freehold rather than see their only pub close.  

The Dyke’s End at Reach, along with the church and the Village Centre, faces the Fair Green and finds itself at the heart of village life as well as being a destination for people who travel some remarkable distances to enjoy our excellent food and wines. It is the kind of pub that is hard to find in an industry dominated by pub companies and greedy breweries. 

Things that you will not find here are paper serviettes, sachets of ketchup, alcopops, games machines, or micro-waved food from chilled-van suppliers. Instead, we offer candlelight, a glowing fire (when needed), scrubbed tables, mismatched linen napkins, affordable high quality cooking and a well-kept cellar.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Dyke's End at Reach.